Someone Like Me campaign videos

Videos from our Specialist Services team 

Eamonn Walsh - Services Manager London Prisons, Specialist Services  

 Stephen Cook - Managing Director, Specialist Services 


Sarah Tozer - Principal Occupational Therapist, Specialist Services 

Sarah Hill - Senior Service Lead, Specialist Services 

Jonathan Stephen - Senior Service Lead for Health in Justice, Specialist Services 

Sara Boulter - Head of Therapies - Specialist Services 


Videos from other members of staff at BEH 

Watch our CEO, Jinjer Kandola launch the 'Someone like me' campaign


Hear from current members of staff about the Someone like me campaign and why they're proud to be part of #TeamBEH:   


Stephen Cook, Managing Director for Specialist Mental Health Services 


Barry Day, Managing Director and Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Barnet Division


Garry Passaway, Managing Director for Haringey 


Helen Mehra, Head of Nursing for Enfield Community Services                                                                                                                                     


Helen Tanyan, Children and Young Persons Services Lead, Enfield