Equal opportunities and diversity

We aim to be a fair employer and strive to achieve equality of opportunity for all, creating inclusive workplace environments where everyone can work effectively towards the provision of better healthcare. Here are some of the things we do to achieve this.

The Guardian Service

We have a brand new Guardian Service which is completely independent and provides an accessible team of guardians from a range of diverse backgrounds. It provides a safe and confidential environment for staff to discuss any concerns and seek advice about any further next steps relating to patient care and safety, or any other work-related issue. 

Culture and Inclusion Programme

A programme of work is underway to help us create a more inclusive organisation where all service users receive great care and where all our staff can develop and thrive, personally and professionally. Commissioned jointly with our Inclusion Network Chairs and Staff-Side Chair, and overseen by our People and Culture Committee, the Inclusion Programme focuses on the lived experiences of staff.

The data from Phase 1 of the programme will inform the development of a behavioural framework aligned with our organisational values. The framework will then be used to inform other “people processes” including recruitment, appraisal and our approach to recognition and align with Just and Learning Culture.