Development opportunities

At BEH we pride ourselves in developing the leadership capabilities of our employees. Here are just a few things we offer.

New mentoring programme

Mentoring has a wide range of benefits that foster learning, staff engagement, re-engineered work relationships and resilience. 

This is why as part of our overall programme of personal and professional development support to all staff, to help you grow and develop at BEH, we have re-launched our joint mentoring programme with Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust.

Mentoring is one of the activities we have identified as having the capacity to support inclusion. We are encouraging our leaders and people who work in senior roles to consider being a mentor. We are particularly interested in those working in senior roles from ethnic minorities background. In addition, we are exploring the role of reverse mentoring where executives and then the senior leadership team will be paired with junior employees to mentor them on various topics of strategic and cultural relevance.

Team based working (Affina OD)

We have launched the Affina OD Team Journey Coach programme. This is a collective team-based working, which is key to high quality and compassionate care with good team working associated with lower levels of errors, stress, injury and higher levels of staff satisfaction, innovation and engagement.

The Affina OD tools help teams gain new insights and actions that can be applied immediately to keep improving and achieving team goals .This is part of our broader culture change programme and is for teams who are looking to go from ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’.