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Latest news on the redevelopment of St Ann's Hospital, Haringey 

Blossom Court

The redevelopment of St Ann’s Hospital in Haringey is well under way and Blossom Court, the Trust’s new mental health inpatient building, opened to patients and staff in August 2020.

The plans for the redevelopment of St Ann's Hospital were developed with patients, staff and local stakeholders and involve a series of improvements to the healthcare campus, which will occupy just over one third of the original site, along with a residential development to create new family houses and flats for local people, on the remainder of the original site.

The opening of Blossom Court means the old wards have now been replaced by brand new, state-of-the-art facilities, which are amongst the best in the country. The new facilities are already transforming the care of patients and the working conditions of staff and this is a fantastic achievement for the Trust, our patients, our staff and the people of Haringey.

The old ward buildings will be refurbished by late 2022, which will release the land no longer needed by the NHS. The Trust sold the land surplus to NHS requirements to the Greater London Authority in 2018. The GLA will develop the surplus land for housing from 2023 with at least 50 per cent of the new homes being designated as affordable housing and 22 of the flats will be allocated to the Trust to use for staff accommodation to help support clinical staff recruitment.

Phase 2 of the redevelopment 

Phase 2 of the redevelopment involves the refurbishment of the 1930s blocks for patient and support staff accommodation, the construction of a new patient, visitor and staff restaurant, staff education and training facilities, improvements to G and H Blocks, a range of other site infrastructure improvements including revised roadways, landscaping and car parking.

The Trust is working with Integrated Health Projects (who built Blossom Court in Phase 1) as the contractor for Phase 2. Work on Phase 2 began in January 2021 and will finish by autumn 2022. During this period, the car parking areas will change as the work moves around the site. New site plans will be made available at each stage. The latest St Ann’s Hospital site plan is available here. The refurbished buildings have been renamed after trees on the site, please see the site plan for the new locations and entrances.

Phase 2, once completed in late 2022, will bring major improvements for patients, visitors and staff. The new car parking areas and new vehicle entrance to the new hospital site will open for use by patients, visitors and staff. Although the construction programme during Phase 2 may cause some minor inconveniences in the short term, it will be worthwhile in the long term with a new hospital we can all be really proud of.

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