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List of all the services we provide
Mental Health Services
We provide a wide range of mental health services ...
Community Services in Enfield
Our community health service in Enfield provides treatment and ...
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At BEH we provide a range of NHS services ...
Our main locations
We provide services from a large number of locations ...
Haringey Service User and Carer Forum
The Haringey Service User and Carer Forum aims to provide ...
About us
This section is about BEH, who we are, what we do and who we work with.
Our Vision, Values and Strategy
Our Vision To support healthy lives and healthy communities ...
Brilliant Basics
One of our ways of working is something we call Brilliant Basics. Brilliant Basics is about providing the right care, first time, every time and is made up of a series of work streams that will help us improve our standards of care.
The ambition is for BEH to be an organisation that promotes recovery, social inclusion, and community integration to maximise resilience. We call this enablement.
What does recovery mean to me competition
We’ve been listening to the views of people using ...
Terms and Conditions
Competition rules The ‘What Does Recovery Mean to Me?’ ...
Enablement means to me
Enablement is about recovery, social inclusion, and community integration to maximise resilience. This section is about patients stories.
Helen's story
Helen talks about enablement and what is means to her
Bharat's story
Bharat talks about enablement and what it means to him
Greg's story
Greg talks about enablement and what it means to him
Kat's story
Kat talks about enablment and what it means to her
Olwyn's story
Olwyn talks about enablement and what it means to him
Enablement partnership year one
Successes of Year 1 of the Partnership The Enablement Partnership ...
Peer workers
What is a Peer Worker? A Peer Worker is ...
What is co-production, and why are we doing it? ...
Mental health community directories
The people who use our services often say to ...
My Wellbeing Plan
My Wellbeing Plan is a self-management and recovery tool ...
Enablement FAQs
frequently asked questions about enablement and what it means
Trust Board
Information about the BEH Trust Board
Trust Board Profiles
Information about the Trust Board includes executives and non-executives
Trust Board Meetings and Papers
Information about the BEH Trust Board meetings, where they are held and the relevant documents and reports presented to the Board.
Below you can find a list of meetings that ...
Committee Terms of Reference The Trust Board has established ...
Who we work with
We work with a range of local and national health ...
NCL Sustainability Transformation Partnership
The Trust works with a range of local and national health and care organisations to make sure that we are able to provide safe and joined up care to our patients.
My Care Academy
My Care Academy is a knowledge building community between ...
Equal opportunities and diversity
Providing equality of opportunity for patients, their carers and ...
FOI publication scheme
The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act recognises that people have ...
How to make a FOI request
The Freedom of Information Act 2000 provides a right ...
Policies and procedures
Policies and procedures relating to the conduct of business ...
We publish a range of public facing publications each year, ...
Accessible Information Standard
As a Trust we adhere to the Accessible Information ...
Research and Development
The role of the department is to support and ...
Research partners
The Trust works with a number of other organisations ...
Current research projects
In this section, you will find the current research ...
Dementia studies
Dementia studies SYMBAD A trial on Mirtazapine and Carbamazepine for ...
Mental health studies
Mental health studies Genetic Links to Anxiety and Depression (GLAD) The ...
information about BEH finance including counter fraud and procurement
Counter Fraud
The Trust has an active counter fraud programme o ensure that funds earmarked for better patient care and services are not siphoned off.
The Trust operates within a statutory framework, to ensure ...
Annual Accounts
The Trust is committed to being an open and transparent organisation. As part of this commitment we have published expenditures over £25,000.
The new St Ann's
The Trust plans to redevelop St Ann’s Hospital in Haringey to create a modern health campus with a sustainable mix of mental health and other services.
Safe staffing
All NHS organisations with inpatient areas must publish full staffing data by ward level on an ongoing monthly basis. The intention of this is to show how trusts across the NHS ensure they have staffing levels and skill mix on their wards.
How we use your information
BEH remains committed to ensuring safeguarding is part of its core business and recognises that safeguarding children, young people and adults at risk is a shared responsibility with the need for effective joint working between partner agencies and professionals.
Supplementary Privacy Notice Guidance for COVID-19 for Patients and Service Users
Patients and carers
If you need help in a crisis Our services ...
Support in a crisis
This page has information about our crisis services in Barnet, Enfield and Haringey
Staying well
Looking after your mental and physical health is really important. We ...
Video consultations
We are now successfully using Attend Anywhere, a video ...
Comments, Compliments and Complaints
How you can feedback about the service and care you or someone you care for received from us.
Mental Health Act
This page explains what a Mental Health Act assessment is and what the outcomes may be.
Mental health conditions
This page provides information to help you understanding the condition, what treatments are available, how you can help yourself or someone else and what services you can access for more support.
Mental health support organisations
This page provides information about local and nationalthat are available to help you
Black and Ethnic Minority support
This page provides information about mental health organisation providing advocacy and support to people from BME groups who experience mental illness
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender support
This provides information about support available for LGBT people.
National and north London charities
This page provides information about a range of organisations providing support for people experiencing mental health problems.
Physical health support organisations
This page provides a list of organisations who can provide information and advice about different physical health conditions
Mental health staff
This page provides information about the different health professionals that you may see accessing our services.
Bereavement support organisations
Provides information and support to members of the public who are bereaved and the organisations who can support them.
Care Programme Approach
The Care Programme Approach (CPA) helps us co-ordinate your ...
You may be prescribed medicines (tablets or injections) as ...
Your health records
This page gives you information about how to access your health records
Accessible Information Standard
The Accessible Information Standard was published by NHS England in July 2015. The Standard applies to all NHS and publically funded adult social care providers and ensures that all service users and carers are provided with information that they can access and understand, and supported to communicate effectively.
We welcome visitors at BEH, whether you are a ...
Overseas visitors
Coronavirus guidance for carers
COVID-19 is a challenge for all carers. Here are ...
Suicide Prevention
Are you having suicidal thoughts?
Have you been affected by suicide?
Suicide prevention resources
GPs and professionals
Making referrals – mental health services
The North London Forensic Service is a NHS tertiary ...
Eating Disorders
The Eating Disorder Service is a national specialist centre ...
CAMHS Tier 4
Our Tier 4 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services ...
Making referrals – Enfield community services
Local GPs, social workers, voluntary organisations, and other health ...
Communication with GPs
News Archive
Reducing pressure on the London Ambulance Service at this ...
Calendar ...
Communications team
Provides information about the BEH communications team including contact information for media enquiries
Here are some videos explaining what we do at ...
Trust Matters
Our Trust Matters magazine is for staff, people who ...
Coronavirus updates
COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect your ...
Work for us
Opportunities for you - Jobs Open Day, 10 October ...
What we offer
We care about you Would you like to work ...
Recruitment process
Applications To ensure you have the best possible chance of ...
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Someone Like Me recruitment campaign
Here at BEH, we are launching a new campaign ...
Someone Like Me campaign videos
BEH's Someone like me campaign is aboutbecause we understand the power of looking into an organisation you want to work in, or one where you are going to get health care and support, and being able to say, “I’ve seen ‘Someone like me’”. On this page, find videos from current staff talking about being part of #TeamBEH.
Someone Like Me case studies
Read our case studies from BEH members of staff about why they're proud to be part of #TeamBEH as part our new recruitment campaign Someone like me
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