Community Services in Enfield

Our community health service in Enfield provides treatment and support for people with physical healthcare problems in a community setting.

Our core service includes community nurses. Specialist services also include podiatry, speech and language therapy, and health promotion.

Services treat people in their own homes, or close to home, where they will be more comfortable and can continue to live independently. We aim, where possible, to avoid admission into hospital and enable quicker recovery periods.

  • Bone Health

    The bone health and prevention of fracture service identifies and assess elderly people in their own homes and provide information and advice where required.
  • Care Home Assessment Team (CHAT)

    The Care Home Assessment Team (CHAT) aims to improve the lives and end of life care for residents in care homes in Enfield.
  • Children and Young People's Occupational Therapy

    We offer assessment, advice and therapy to children who have a wide range of special needs.
  • Community Health Children and Young People services

    On this page you can find information about all Community Health Children and Young People services. Please use the Community Health Children Young People (CYP) single point referral form to refer to the services.
  • Community Matrons

    We provide treatment and support to people with a long term condition such as diabetes, cardiac and respiratory disease, who have needed recent emergency hospital treatment or who frequently consult their GP.
  • Community Paediatric Service

    We see children with complex neurodevelopmental need who may also have additional health needs where there are two or more areas of concern that may result in learning, physical, sensory, communication, emotional or behavioural difficulties.
  • Continence Service

    We are nurses who provide a continence service for the residents of Enfield. Our aim is to promote continence and to manage incontinence.
  • Diabetes Service

    We provide education, support and advice to people with diabetes, their carers and other health professionals.
  • District Nursing

    We provide a wide range of home and community based nursing services in Enfield.
  • Early Years Speech and Language Therapy

    The preschool speech and language therapy team support the development of preschool children’s speech, language and communication skills through partnership working with parents, families and other professionals.
  • Enfield Community Stroke Rehabilitation Service

    We provide care to people who have recently suffered a stroke and are being discharged from inpatient care.
  • Enfield Discharge to Assess

    The Discharge to Assess model has been designed to reduce hospital stays because patients are discharged as soon as acute medical treatment is complete.
  • Enfield Rapid Response Service

    A nurse-led rapid response service for adults at risk of hospital admission or at risk of deterioration requiring hospital admission in next 48 hours.
  • Heart Failure

    We provide assessment, advice and support to people with heart failure living in Enfield.
  • Looked After Children Team (LAC)

    We assess the needs of children and young people aged 0-19 years who are looked after by the Local Authority in Enfield.
  • Lymphoedema Service

    The lymphoedema service sees all patients who have lymphoedema and chronic oedema.
  • Nutrition and Dietetic Service

    Our dieticians provide practical dietary advice, assessment and treatment to people with nutritional problems in Enfield.
  • Paediatric Physiotherapy

    We work with children, young people and their families to promote their physical independence, mobility and function, to help achieve their maximum potential.
  • Parkinson's Disease Service

    We offer individual support, training and advice to people with Parkinson’s disease.
  • Physiotherapy - Community

    We provide physiotherapy assessment and treatment to people living in Enfield.
  • Physiotherapy - Musculoskeletal

    We provide treatment to people who may have had an injury, surgery or who have an underlying musculoskeletal problem which affects their ability to undertake everyday activities perhaps due to pain or loss of function.
  • Podiatry Service

    We provide specialist assessment, diagnosis and treatment of foot conditions.
  • Respiratory Service

    We provide assessment, advice and support to people with respiratory disease in Enfield.
  • School Age Immunisation Service

    The Enfield Immunisation Team provides the school aged vaccination programme for the borough of Enfield.
  • School Age Speech and Language Service

    We offer a range of services for school age children and young people who have speech language and communication needs. We work in partnership with parents, families, schools and other professionals.
  • Special School Nursing Team

    We provide health and wellbeing advice and support for children and young people attending Special Schools in Enfield.
  • Specialist Nursing Bereavement and Play Team

    We provide care to children with complex and continuing care needs and also those with palliative care needs in Enfield.
  • Speech and language therapy for adults

    We provide specialist assessment and management of people with disorders of speech, language, communication and swallowing.
  • Tissue Viability

    We offer specialist advice on the management of people with non-healing wounds.