Research and Development

The role of the department is to support and facilitate researchers to undertake high quality research, to provide research governance to ensure the interests of participants, researchers and the Trust are protected through adherence to the local and national regulatory frameworks.

The Research and Development (R&D) Department offers support in:

  • grant applications
  • ethics applications
  • training

The R&D Department is based at:

1st Floor, Apple Unit – Entrance I (Link Corridor) 
St Ann’s Hospital 
St Ann's Road
London N15 3TH

Tel: 0208 702 5627
Twitter: @BEHResearch

BEH R&D Team
Tom Freeth (Delivery Manager)
Jessica Rivera (Research Associate)
Lisa Russell (Research Associate)
Ailsa McGuinness (Research Assistant)
Lily Felton (Research Assistant)

The Trust’s Performance in Initiation and Delivery of Research reports can be found here

The BEH R&D team works closely with the Camden & Islington R&D team, as part of the North London Mental Health Partnership. 


The Trust Research & Development service is managed by Noclor. The research consortium also offers advice for researchers on funding opportunities, costing and registration of research projects and runs training and development workshops. Find out more about Noclor

Take part in a research project

Why become involved in research as a staff member? Watch the 'Sick of Research - NHS' video below, starring comedian Ruby Wax:

'Sick of Research - NHS' was created by Arturo M. Antolín and is available on Vimeo: 


Over the past 10 years, we have helped to support almost 250 projects, and have recruited over 4,500 participants to 160 studies.

The data below is in relation to studies where there was recruitment activity carried out by BEH. We also support numerous studies that do not involve participant recruitment.

 Previous Studies:

  • PATHFINDER  (Problem Adaptation Therapy for Individuals with Mild to Moderate Dementia and Depression)