Our Vision, Values and Strategy

Our Vision

To support healthy lives and healthy communities through excellent integrated mental and community healthcare. 

Our Motto is 'supporting healthy lives'.

Our Values

The Trust’s Values are:

  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Being positive
  • Working together

Our Updated Trust Strategy

In 2019, we published our ‘Fit for the Future’ Trust Strategy. Since then, there have been lots of changes across the NHS and the significant impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have now produced an Updated Trust Strategy to reflect these changes.

Download the Updated Trust Strategy 2021-2024

If you would like a copy of the Trust Strategy in another language or a different format, please contact beh-tr.communications@nhs.net 

Our Strategic Aims developed in 2019 remain unchanged. Each of our Strategic Aims will be realised through associated Strategic Priorities which inform our annual Trust Objectives each year. 

Our Strategic Aims are:

  • Excellence for service users
  • Empowerment for staff
  • Innovation in services
  • Partnerships with others

Our Annual Objectives for 2021-22 are:

Strategic Aims

Trust Objectives for 2021-22

Excellence for service users

  • Provide high quality, safe care for our patients
  • Ensure our patients and their carers shape their care and the delivery of our services
  • Enable healthy and fulfilling lives for local people and address the health inequalities across our local communities

Empowerment for staff

  • Create a fair, just and inclusive organisation and empower all our staff to thrive at work
  • Support the health and wellbeing of our staff so we attract and retain high calibre staff 

Innovation in services

  • Ensure the financial sustainability of our services
  • Build on the increased use of digital tools to transform and innovate the way we provide services to our patients and ways our staff work
  • Empower our staff to continuously improve our services, through innovation and best practice across the Trust

Partnerships with others

  • Develop our partnerships with other local organisations to deliver great integrated services and strengthen our contribution to the economic development of our communities
  • Continue to develop our role as a leader in the North Central London and borough integrated care partnerships