Our vision, values and objectives

Our vision

To support healthy lives and healthy communities through the provision of excellent integrated mental and community healthcare. 

Our Motto is 'supporting healthy lives'. 

Our values

The Trust’s values are:

  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Being Positive
  • Working together

Our strategic aims

  • Excellence for service users
  • Empowerment for staff
  • Innovation in services
  • Partnership with others

Our objectives

The Trust Board recently reviewed our organisational Objectives for 2020/21 to ensure they were up to date and reflected the impact of coronavirus on our services. 

The Trust's objectives for 2020/21 are:

Strategic Aims

Revised Trust Objectives for 2020/21

Excellence for service users

1. Ensure the best care possible for our patients through delivering all performance and quality standards

2. Develop community-based integrated services in line with the NHS Long Term Plan

3. Make co-production with service users a key principle to ensure our services reflect the diverse needs of our communities and reduce health inequalities

4. Develop consistently safe care pathways for all patients

Empowerment for staff

5. Embed our Values across everything we do, including the development of our leaders

6. Attract and retain sufficient staff, with the right skills and values

7. Support the physical and mental health and wellbeing of all our staff

8. Actively focus on improving diversity, inclusivity and equality for all our staff, so our services respond to the diversity of our communities  and we improve our Workforce Race Equality Standard position

Innovation in services

9. Meet our financial control total by March 2021 by delivering the financial plan, including cost pressures and capital programme while preparing our efficiency plans for 2021/22

10. Increase the flexibility of how we provide services to patients and how our staff work, including increased digital contacts with patients and more agile working for staff

11. Provide more useful information to help deliver high quality services through integrating our data sources

12. Achieve an Outstanding Care Quality Commission rating by December 2021 through delivering our Brilliant Basics priorities and embedding Quality Improvements

Partnerships with others

13. Increase our impact as a major employer in our local community and beyond

14. Improve the quality and delivery of our clinical and corporate services through increased working with partners across North Central London

15. Be a high-quality delivery partner and commissioner of specialist mental health services within the North London Provider Collaborative

16. Be a leader in the development of integrated health and social care partnerships in North Central London

Read our Trust Strategy to find out more about our plans for the coming years.