Social football in Haringey supports wellbeing

Date: 07 November 2022

Haringey Football

Gary Passaway, BEH Managing Director had great pleasure joining a weekly social football programme in Tottenham recently. The programme is delivered by You vs You, (@youvsyoultd) a grass roots organisation that focuses on working with young people, those coming out of care and adults experiencing mental illness. You vs You provides a positive approach to support the development of all young people.

Their aim is to support people to have bright futures, enjoy fulfilling lives and realise their potential through positive relationships and exciting opportunities. The social football programme started in March with financial support gained through an inequalities fund and is delivered in partnership with BEH, Mind in Haringey and The Bridge Renewal Trust. Anyone in the community can self-refer to join the programme, as well as those that are referred from community teams. 
Haringey is a vibrant and diverse London borough, but the east of the borough is also one of the most deprived areas of the UK. With this comes high levels of physical and mental health inequality and social exclusion. Social football is a fun, inclusive and popular activity that brings people together and supports physical and mental wellbeing. Participants of the social football are also informally able to access wellbeing support offered alongside playing and training.
The beautiful game is the people’s game. It’s all about taking part and working together as a group of players who love the game. The turnout was great, and it was an opportunity to meet some great people, make some new friends, and play with and against some enthusiastic footballers.

Big thanks to You vs You team and all those who participated, our volunteers, members of the community and staff. #mentalhealth #community #TeamBEH #MindinHaringey #youvsyoultd #thebridgerenewaltrust