Meet Sarah Glickman, Dramatherapist

Date: 15 September 2021

sarah glickman

Did you know that at BEH we employ eight of the 14 allied health professions? Today we would like to introduce you to Sarah Glickman, a Dramatherapist at Chase Farm Hospital, Enfield.

My name is... Sarah Glickman

I work at... Chase Farm Hospital across three Adult Acute Care wards, a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit and a Complex Rehabilitation Unit.

What I love about my job... is the opportunity to engage with service users in a creative way, offering the opportunity for them to explore their mental health difficulties from a different angle that can open up new perspectives and understanding. I enjoy seeing service users get excited about the prospect of playing and using their imaginations to find healing and comfort.

An example of a recent intervention... A service user who would not engage in traditional talking therapy, attended individual Dramatherapy sessions which started with nothing more than passing a ball back and forth for an hour and maintaining a conversation. As trust has grown, he has been offered opportunities to explore different creative mediums as a means of expressing his thoughts and feelings using projective work and role play. He has voiced he values coming to sessions and being given the opportunity to express himself. He now can tolerate talking about difficult life experiences with the therapist. Through the creative expressive nature of dramatherapy he has established a degree of trust and sense of safety with the dramatherapist.

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    Did you know that at BEH we employ eight of the 14 allied health professions? Today we would like to introduce you to Sarah Glickman, a Dramatherapist at Chase Farm Hospital, Enfield.

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