Blossom Court, our new mental health inpatient building in Haringey, sets the bar high

Date: 06 August 2020

Jinjer Kandola CEO and Ward Managers

We held an event on 5 August to mark the completion of our new state of the art mental health inpatient building, Blossom Court, at St Ann’s Hospital in Tottenham.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mark Lam, Trust Chair said: “Blossom Court is an amazing new building, which we are proud to be able to provide for the people of Haringey and beyond.” 

Jinjer Kandola, Trust Chief Executive added: “This is a very significant moment for the Trust and I would like to thank all those who have been involved in helping us to this outstanding achievement. Our old wards were in very poor condition, but we now have some the best, most modern mental health facilities in the country, which will help us transform the care of our patients.”

Patients, staff and guests took the opportunity to go on tours around the new building during the event.

Construction work continued throughout the lockdown and Blossom Court opened on schedule to patients later in August. It has four wards with a total of 74 beds for patients who need inpatient care, including eating disorders.

Key aspects of the new building have been designed together with current and former service users and clinical staff, for example the colour and style of furniture and the introduction of sensory rooms to help patients feel calm and safe.  

Sharon Thompson, Clinical Programme Manager said: “The opening of Blossom Court is a real opportunity to do things differently so staff and service user involvement has been a big focus throughout the project. We’ve looked at every element of how the unit will operate from clinical treatment to shift patterns, staff skills, activities for patients, and the look and feel of the building itself.”

Lucy, a former service user involved in two of the Blossom Court steering groups, said: “It was really exciting to collaborate with staff, and to make improvements through the steering groups. Any concerns or suggestions I raised were heard, and I felt equally included alongside staff in the multitude of positive changes that are now happening.”

MH, service user said: “The design of the new wards with ensuite bathrooms, more daylight and views of nature will reduce patient stress, anxiety and pain. This will all help to shorten the time service users need to stay. I am so proud of the BEH team and grateful to be part of it.”

Patients, members of the public and staff were also invited to suggest names that would reflect the special place in our community the new unit will have. The winning name for the new building itself, Blossom Court, came from BEH clinical psychologist Dr Samara Wilson. The names of the four wards were suggested by BEH management accountant Faheem Ukadia and are Tulip Ward, Iris Ward, Daisy Ward and Sunflower Ward.

All the names have a special meaning. The tulip represents someone with a caring nature who brings joy to their friendships. The iris signals good news, faith, hope, wisdom and courage. The daisy is a sign of new beginnings, and the yellow of the sunflower symbolises vitality, intelligence and happiness. Blossom reminds us of spring with fresh, new colours springing into life and signifies our hope that the time patients spend in the unit opens up bright new possibilities for them.

Jinjer Kandola, Chief Executive commented: “It’s been inspirational to see everyone pulling together to create this fantastic new building. Blossom Court sets the bar high – this is how all mental health care should look and we are committed to improving the rest of our estate over the coming years, so all our patients can enjoy the quality of environment that Blossom Court now provides.”

Following completion of Blossom Court, Phase 2 of the redevelopment of St Ann’s Hospital will now begin. This will include refurbishment of other buildings, a new restaurant for visitors and staff and improvements to the site power and water supplies, roadways, car parking and landscaping. The neighboring residential development on the land purchased by the Greater London Authority to create new family houses and flats for local people is due to start in 2023.




  • Summary:

    We held an event on 5 August to mark the completion of our new state of the art mental health inpatient building, Blossom Court, at St Ann’s Hospital in Tottenham.