Experiences of DIALOG+

We are changing how we plan and deliver care with the introduction of a new tool called DIALOG+. This puts people at the centre of their care, helping them to prioritise areas of focus. Read more about it here.

Below you can read the stories and experiences of people who have used this new tool.


Laurence Thomas

Laurence Thomas, an associate mental health worker in the Barnet North community mental health team and has been involved in piloting the use of our new care-planning tool DIALOG+ at the Trust

"I have found DIALOG+ to be a useful way of getting to better understand an individual and what is important to them. I feel that ensuring DIALOG+ is used in a collaborative way, in which the service user can view the screen and complete the assessment with a clinician, is essential and provides a sense of agency in their care.

"Although it initially takes a bit of time getting used to the software and identifying when it is appropriate to complete a DIALOG+ assessment, it allows both the service user and clinician to review their progress and develop a shared understanding of what is going to happen in the future, and what actions are going to be taken and by whom.

"I feel DIALOG+ holds real potential to help support service users to have their views considered and for their care to become more person-centred."


Carol Joseph

Carol Joseph, a project manager at Haringey Safe Haven. explains how the new DIALOG+ approach to co-developing mental health care helped her to get back on track

"I’m a mother with no living children. I’ve been on a journey for 13 years, battling major depression and despair to the point I contemplated suicide. My GP put me forward for the DIALOG+ trial.

"At my first appointment, I was asked to complete a short app-based questionnaire rating 11 areas of life – my medication, psychological needs, practical needs, mental health, physical health, friendships and relationship with partner, personal safety, accommodation, job, and leisure.

"My lowest scores were job situation, mental health and relationships including family who wanted me to pull myself together. While I wanted to, I didn’t have the emotional capacity to do so. I withdrew from family and friends which triggered a mental health crisis.

"In my appointment, I talked about my challenging areas, I identified small actions to take before the next meeting. For example, I agreed to contact a local recruitment agency who could help me update my CV and prepare for job interviews.
This opened new doors. I was encouraged to apply for a job at Clarendon Recovery College as a co-tutor expert by experience. I applied and was successful. I later applied for a job as a project manager for Haringey Safe Haven, a crisis café, where I still work today.

"My experience using DIALOG+ was brilliant and assisted a pathway to recovery. It empowered me to identify, for the first time, the specific areas of my life where I was stuck and needed help. By breaking my challenges into manageable parts, I was able to identify actions and potential solutions.
It has changed my life for the better."