GPs and professionals

GP Advice Line

An advice line is available for GPs who would like to speak to a consultant about any mental health issue.

Telephone number: 020 8702 3620

The phone line is operational between 9am and 5pm.

Calls received by 12.45pm will be responded to by a consultant between 1pm and 2pm on the same day. Calls taken after 12.45pm will result in a call back the following day. 

Making referrals

You can use the assessment service for non-urgent or routine referrals and a Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team (CRHTT) service for urgent referrals for adults in a crisis. Find out more about making referrals to our mental health services and referrals to our Enfield community services.

Support for patients

Helping you to support your patients is important to us. We provide a variety of mental and physical health services to support patients with a variety of illnesses.

There are a variety of local services and self help resources available that can help you do this. You can access our list of useful organisations that support patients with mental and physical health needs. 

The Royal College of Psychiatrists offers a number of patient and carer information resources. Information can be downloaded from their website in different languages. Visit the Royal College of Psychiatrists website. You can also see a list of self-help books to recommend to your patients.