Getting involved

As the people that use CAMHS, it is really important to us that we hear your views on the service, what it does well, and how things could be improved in the future. CAMHS welcome anyone who has contact with the service including children, young people, parents, carers, siblings, and professionals to get involved and has set up a participation group especially to develop opportunities for us to work together.

Opportunities for children and young people

  • Becoming a peer mentor to other young people.
  • Interviewing new members of staff on interview panels.
  • Acting as advisors when we’re developing new interventions (such as our creative life skills course for young people).
  • Being a young faciliator on training courses.
  • Being part of group(s) that develop new & existing CAMHS projects

As well as helping to shape CAMHS, we are often able to reward your participation with Time Credits and in some cases, can provide gift cards or references. If you would like to get involved with any of the above opportunities, please discuss them with your CAMHS worker who will be able to advise you of who to contact in your area.

group talking