Brilliant Basics

In consultation with our service users, staff and partner organisations, we have developed a vision, values and strategic aims which guide us when we care for our patients, look after our staff and do business with our partners. 

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Brilliant Basics is about providing the right care, first time, every time and is made up of a series of work streams that will help us improve our standards of care. 

As a Trust we have come up with a set of Brilliant Basics which we want every clinical team across BEH to adopt and to work on. We have also asked that teams come up with their own additional Brilliant Basics which they can bring to life in their team or on their ward. And below we set out why Brilliant Basics isn't just for clinical colleagues too.

Teams may well ask themselves:

  • Are we providing safe care?
  • Are we being kind, compassionate and respectful to patients as well as colleagues?
  • Are we sharing good practice?
  • Do we know how to raise concerns and report incidents?

 Amanda Pithouse, our Executive Director of Nursing, Quality and Governance, says:

“Brilliant Basics is about getting the basics right so that we have a solid base on which we can deliver outstanding care.

“It’s not just for clinical staff. It’s for all staff in all areas of the organisation. Whatever their role, all our staff play a very important part in ensuring we deliver the best care for our patients and families.

“There is always room for improvement and Brilliant Basics help to focus our minds on asking the right questions, and setting a standard that we can consistently meet. If we all deliver Brilliant Basics we will be able to provide consistently good care for our patients, and ensure that BEH is a fantastic place to work for our colleagues.”

Through discussion with our staff we have developed 10 Brilliant Basics for patient care at BEH: 

  1. Staff wellbeing: Staff wellbeing focuses on the holistic wellbeing of our people – head, heart and body. Are we embedding wellbeing conversations across our system with the aim of creating cultures where people feel included, heard and valued, and in which diversity is respected?
  2. Patient safety: We aim to implement the national patient safety strategy by delivering on key areas that will improve safety such as involving patients and their carers more in supporting safe practice, ensuring that patients feel safe in clinical environments and feel supported by clinical teams to maintain their own safety.
  3. Timely access to care: Are patients cared for in the right place, by the right staff, with right skills at the right time?
  4. Safe and therapeutic environments: Are all areas clean and tidy – a place where you’d want to receive care?
  5. Floor to Board data: Is our care as effective and efficient as possible, and do we have the data to prove it?
  6. Care planning and risk assessments: Are these completed in a timely and documented way? Do we work effectively with families and patients?
  7. Reducing restrictive interventions: Are we working in the least restrictive way by reducing conflict and containment?
  8. Retention and recruitment: How can we attract and retain more high quality staff, especially nursing staff?
  9. 132 Rights and capacity to consent: Are processes in place to ensure our patients understand their rights while in our care?
  10. Physical health: Are we addressing our patients’ physical and mental health needs being addressed together?

To help you understand the Brilliant Basic themes a little better, we have put together some videos:

Physical Healthcare (opens on YouTube)

Risk Assessments and Care Planning (opens on YouTube)