Transforming community mental health care

Our ambitious programme to revolutionise mental health care is underway.

We’re changing how we work to help you recover sooner and stay well. We are:

  • recruiting more frontline workers to ensure everyone can access the right care at the right time
  • creating new multi-agency teams to deliver wraparound care that meets your mental health, physical health and social needs including support with housing, employment and substance use
  • making it easier to access care by delivering most services in your local community
  • providing treatment much earlier to help you recover sooner and ongoing support to help you manage your condition and stay well
  • giving you greater control over your care and using new technology to ensure you don’t need to tell your story over and over
  • focusing strongly on prevention and improving mental health and wellbeing in partnership with communities, local government and other agencies.

Transforming mental health care takes time. This new approach will be rolled out in every primary care network over three years in consultation with service users, carers, local communities, health and care partners and others. By 2024, thousands more will receive care and ongoing support.

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