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The Trust’s plans for the redevelopment of St Ann’s Hospital in Haringey are progressing rapidly following final approval by NHS Improvement in October 2018. 

The plans agreed with patients, staff and local stakeholders involve a series of improvements to the health facilities, which will occupy just over one third of the site, along with a residential development to create new family houses and flats for local people. These will include both private and affordable homes. St Ann’s will not close, the current health services will remain, but be provided in improved facilities, including a new, state-of the-art, mental health inpatient building to replace the current poor quality mental health wards on the site. 

The Trust received full Planning approval in March 2018 from Haringey Council for the new mental health inpatient building, to replace the current three adult mental health wards and the specialist eating disorders ward. This follows a lot of work with patients, carers and staff and the Trust’s design and build partner, Integrated Health Projects. 

Construction of the new mental health building has begun with completion by early 2021. This is very exciting news for the Trust, its patients and staff. It means that the current wards at St Ann’s Hospital will be replaced by brand new, state-of-the-art facilities, which will be amongst the best in the country, as shown in the images below. 

The proposed residential development on the part of the site surplus to NHS needs is also progressing following the sale of the surplus land to the Greater London Authority (GLA) in March 2018. The GLA will develop the surplus land for housing, with at least 50% of the new homes being designated as affordable housing. 22 of the flats to be built will be available to the Trust to use to help recruit clinical staff.

As preparations for the new inpatient building develop, there will be some changes to the road layout. Temporary parking areas will be provided, so that the impact on patient, visitor and staff parking is minimised.

Following the sale of the surplus land to the GLA, the Trust is leasing back some of site to continue to provide services, until the new mental health inpatient building is built. Once this is completed in early 2021, the current wards will move into the new facilities. This will then free the current ward buildings, which will be refurbished. The Trust’s other clinical and corporate services in the original 1930s blocks will then relocate into the refurbished accommodation by 2023, which will release the final part of the surplus land for residential development.

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