Place of Safety Suite

We provide a centralised Health Based Place of Safety (HBPoS) in Enfield that aims to deliver a high quality efficient adult mental health assessment service.

Contact details

Place of Safety Suite
The Chase Building
Chase Farm Hospital
The Ridgeway
EN2 8JL 

Tel. 020 8702 4311

What is an HBPoS?

This is an assessment unit where people are brought in, detained under the Mental Health Act for an assessment. People are brought in under the following sections: 

Section 135(1)

This requires a magistrate to issue a warrant allowing a police officer to enter premises to remove a mentally disordered person to a place of safety, or allows an assessment to take place in the premises/home under certain circumstances. 

Section 136

This allows a police officer to detain a person who appears to be suffering from a mental disorder from anywhere apart from their private dwelling (or the private garden or buildings associated with that place) and bring them to a HBPoS for a mental health assessment. The person will be deemed by the police to be in immediate need of care and control as their behaviour is of concern. It is important to point out that a person is not under arrest when the decision is made to remove the person to a place of safety. The police power is to facilitate assessment of their health and wellbeing as well as the safety of other people around them. 

How long can people be in an HBPoS?

Both Sections of the MHA above last for up to 24 hours, or may be extended for up to a further 12 hours where there is clinical indication where more time is needed to complete a full assessment. Where indicated, the assessing team will make necessary arrangements for follow-up care for the service user. Another possible outcome from the assessment may be that the service user is admitted to hospital for further assessment and/or treatment. 

Who we are?

We have a dedicated staff team of nurses who work within the purpose built HBPoS whose aim is to support service users whilst they undergo assessment and help them to feel safe in the Place of Safety. They work together with: service users, their family / carers, doctors and Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHPs) in order to facilitate efficient assessments and to minimise the length of time people are detained in the suite. 

Getting people’s views

We welcome feedback from service users and their family; friends; and carers in order to inform the development of our Place of Safety suite. Feedback, positive or negative, can be given through either sending in a feedback form or by emailing: