Magnolia unit

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Magnolia unit is a unique inpatient service in Enfield focusing on preventing avoidable admissions to acute hospitals where a patient cannot be looked after safely at home.

Contact details

St Michael's Primary Care Centre
19 Gater Drive
Enfield, EN2 0JB

Tel: 020 8702 5690
Fax: 020 8702 5691

Manager: Mark Cubitt

Visiting times:
Monday - Friday, 3.00pm - 8.00pm and weekends 1.00pm- 8.00pm. Requests to visit outside of these times can be discussed with the nurse in charge. Visitors are requested to sign the visitor’s book on entry and exit to the unit.The main doors close at 6.00pm and visitors must ring the doorbell.

Who we are

Magnolia unit provides short-term inpatient care from St Michael's Primary Care Centre. It is an alternative to acute admission for clinically stable patients who need nursing services. Our care focuses on rehabilitation. The service is provided by a team of experienced professionals who staff the unit.  We are dedicated to the provision of quality patient-centred care.

The services aims to prevent avoidable admissions to acute hospitals where a patient cannot be looked after safely at home and this care includes proactive case management. We provide access to nursing, medical, therapy and specialist nursing services.  We also provide short term step down care from acute hospitals. The unit also has full wheelchair access.

What we offer

Any patient who has the potential to benefit from a short rehabilitation programme, this may be as a result of falls due to UTI, constipation, dehydration or an ongoing diagnosed neurological disease. The patient is assessed treated and with effective goal setting can quickly resume their previous functioning level and return home. 

Rehabilitation for reduced mobility
a)  this group of patients currently living in the community with a diagnosed potentially deteriorating, life limiting condition e.g. Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s or other neurological condition. They present with declining ability to perform activities of daily living. A short spell of rehabilitation prevents progression to needing admission to the acute sector in the longer term. This allows continuing functioning in their own home environment.

b) provision of step down services to facilitate the timely discharge of patients from the acute setting. Also patients from acute hospitals who required short term rehabilitation following admission or surgery.

For patients who require bed rest and frequent bandaging and cannot be safely managed in their own home for a short period. Care is prescribed under the supervision of the specialist lymphoedema nurses.

Palliative Care
We offer short-term symptom control and assessment and work closely with the palliative care team. Some patients may require end of life care or be discharged home with appropriate care packages.

Chest, UTI, and wounds. This group of patients may have acute confusion or be in danger of falls directly associated with an infection. Timely intervention and treatment reduces admission to the acute sector and return to previous capacity.

Who is the service for

Adults 18+ years who have a GP registered in Enfield. If a patient has a GP registered out of area, then a separate Service Level Agreement may be possible with that commissioners from the area.

How you can access our service

The beds are easily accessible to the community and hospital teams and any professional within the multi disciplinary team can make a referral to the unit.  The referrer assesses the suitability of each patient referred in line with the admission criteria. Referrals are received daily from both community and from A&E/wards and departments at Chase Farm Hospital and the North Middlesex Hospital. A decision for admission is given to the referrer promptly and arrangements for admission are then organised.

We take referrals direct from London Ambulance Service for patients who do not require investigation within secondary care yet require assessment and rehab following falls.

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