Haringey Psychology Service for Older People

This service provides assessment and psychological interventions for older people with moderate-severe mental health needs and/or cognitive impairment.

Contact details

Psychology Service
Victoria Unit
St Ann's Hospital, St Ann's Road
N15 3TH
Tel: 020 8702 6300

Manager: Fola Adewumi-Adeshina
Lead Psychologist: Rachel Butterfield

Who we are

A small team of clinical psychologists, trainee clinical psychologists and assistant psychologists.

What we do

The service includes an outpatient service offering assessment and psychological interventions for individuals over 65 years of age with moderate-severe mental health needs and/or cognitive impairment, their carers and families.

As well as individual work, some of the other psychological interventions we offer include:

Mindfulness group - We regularly offer an 8 week Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy group to develop strategies for managing the difficult thoughts and feelings sometimes associated with low mood or anxiety. See more information here.

Tree of life group – a focused group which looks at life stories and draws on skills, strengths and roots to help people face the challenges and difficulties in their life.

START – An 8 session CBT-based programme of individual sessions to support carers of people newly diagnosed with dementia to develop strategies to manage the current situation and plan for the future. See more information here.

Family and Couple Consultation service - Opportunity for family members to express and explore thoughts and emotions, understand one another’s views, build on strengths and work together to make change.

Neuropsychological assessment - This is an in-depth assessment of memory and other thinking abilities sometimes requested when extra information is needed about the difficulties someone is reporting with memory. See more information here.

Who this service is for

We see people living in Haringey who are over 65 years of age and are experiencing difficulties with mental health.  We can also work with partners, other family members or carers. We may also see service users under the age of 65 if they have a diagnosis of a young onset dementia.

How to access our service

Please discuss referrals to the service either via your GP or your allocated mental health professional.