Forensic Integrated Community Service

We offer a range of preventative solutions as well as assessment, treatment, CPA care co-ordination and supervision to mentally disordered offenders.

Police and Court Liaison/Diversion Services

Forensic practitioners work across the criminal justice pathway in Camden, Islington, Barnet, Enfield and Haringey. The first stage of this pathway is in the Metropolitan Police custody suites. The aim of this service is to identify individuals, through screening and triaging people at the earliest stage of the criminal justice process, who have health and social care needs that require intervention. From assessment those in need are diverted into the appropriate pathway, which could be into third sector or statutory services.

The second stage is at Highbury Corner or Hendon Magistrates Court. There we assess those in custody and on bail and have an open referral system. We provide assessment and liaise with the court providing them with the appropriate information they require to make an informed decision about the disposal.

Highbury Magistrates' Court, 51-53 Holloway Road, London, N7
Tel: 020 7506 3182
Fax: 020 7700 6892
Open every Tuesday and Thursday

Team Manager: David Bishop (0208 702 6076).

The service across the north justice sector, covering Enfield, Haringey, Camden and Islington, was selected by NHS England to be the London trial site piloting the new operating model.

British Transport Police (BTP)

We are proud to have pioneered the joint Operation Partner service with the British Transport Police. This is a joint police and NHS team that works together to reduce incidents and suicides on the rail system across the London underground and network rail across the south of England.

Together they form a public protection unit, which provides a live time liaison and interface service between the NHS and BTP for those at risk and need of intervention, often under section 136 MHA 1983. There is also a post incident phase that requires the negotiation between NHS and the BTP in order to implement a shared care and risk plan that works to minimises the risk and share information.

Team Manager: David Bishop (0208 702 6076).

London Pathways Partnership

Together with Oxleas Foundation Trust, South London and Maudsley  Foundation Trust and East London Foundation Trust we are part of a consortium known as the London Pathways Partnership. We run the services as set out in the joint Department of Health and Ministry of Justice Personality Disorder Offender Strategy and currently provide this service across all the probation offices in London as well as delivering services at HMP Belmarsh, HMP Swaleside and HMYOI Aylesbury.

Assistant Director: Mark Landy (0208 702 5903) or Dr Robert Halsey (0208 702 5955).

Prison Inreach and Inpatient Service

HMP Pentonville

The North London Forensic Service (NLFS) has provided psychiatric services across the prison estate for over 20 years. HMP Pentonville has been a cornerstone of that provision during this period and we provide the clinical and operational management of the inpatient, mental health team and day centre services.

Assistant Director Mark Landy (0208 702 5903).

HMP Brixton

For over twenty years NLFS has provided psychiatric services across the prison estate. We are proud to be working alongside Care UK to deliver the psychiatric services at the prison focusing on the resettlement needs of the population

HMYOI Feltham

Since April 2013, NLFS has worked with Care UK in partnership to provide the mental health service provision into HMYOI Feltham. The service delivers a tiered model across the younger persons (15-17 years) and younger adults (18-21years) units. A multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists, nurses and speech and language therapists deliver a range of interventions including a neuro-developmental service.

An innovative approach is taken with services delivered in partnership with other agencies in the prison like education and chaplaincy providing an accessible recovery orientated service that meets the wider needs of the population and not just those with acute or severe health conditions.

Service Manager: Brian Ashley (0208 702 3014/0208 844 5044).

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    We offer a range of preventative solutions as well as assessment, treatment, CPA care co-ordination and supervision to mentally disordered offenders.
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    • Adults
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    • Barnet
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    Mental Health Services