Early years speech & language therapy

The preschool speech and language therapy team support the development of preschool children’s speech, language and communication skills through partnership working with parents, families and other professionals.

Contact details

Telephone: 020 8702 5226

Who we are

We provide help, support and care for children who have difficulties with communication, or with eating, drinking and swallowing. We work in a variety of settings across Enfield.

What we offer

We offer a range of services including:
•    Drop-in clinics at Children’s Centres in Enfield
•    A range of therapies for children with moderate to significant speech, language or communication difficulties
•    TalkACTivity - a course for parents of children with identified minor communication needs
•    Support for children with Down’s Syndrome
•    Support for children with eating and drinking disorders
•    Support for children with autism

Who is the service for?

The service is for preschool aged children who find it hard to:
• Understand what is said to them;
• Use signs, words and construct sentences;
• Say words clearly;
• Find the right words to express thoughts and feelings;
• Understand rules for social interaction and conversation;
• Speak fluently.

How you can access our service

If you would like your child to be seen by one of our team, you can contact us directly on 020 8702 5226 and we can direct you to one of our drop-in sessions.

We also offer a weekly telephone advice service on a Thursday afternoon between 1-5pm where parent/carers can call 020 8702 6394 for an informal and confidential chat and to get some advice on how to help develop their child’s speech language and communication skills.

Drop in sessions

More information is available here.

Other useful information

These websites contain lots of useful information about speech, language and communication for parents of young children:

Free downloadable resources:

talkmat AT SCHOOL
talkmat FREE TIME