The CHOICES team offer support to children and young people in Haringey who are facing issues that can impact them emotionally. This may include bullying, anxiety or family problems. For the full list of conditions the team is able to assist with please see below.

If you are a parent and are unsure whether the service will be beneficial to your child please contact the team on the number below and they'll be able to work with you to help figure it out.

Contact Details

Tel: 020 8702 3405

Web: Complete a form online and our team will get in touch with you - click here.

Address: The team operates from a number of community locations across the borough of the Haringey.

Service manager: Fuad Buraimoh

Who we are

We offer support to children and young people in Haringey who are worried about their emotional wellbeing.

A parent or young person can request support from the team for a one-off face-to-face conversation. They will help you work out what services are available around Haringey to support you.

The CHOICES team want to help young people build on their strengths. They are able to signpost or refer the individual to other local organisations depending on their needs. They can help explore what might be different at home, in school or in a young person's free time, and how the individual can start to bring about this change.

The team offers support for:

• Bullying
• Family problems
• Feeling low in mood
• Panic
• Anger issues
• Behavioural problems
• Problems making or keeping friends
• Bullying
• Self-harm
• Sleeping problems
• Eating problems
• Worries about weight
• Obsessions (OCD)
• Difficulties sitting still or concentrating
• Wanting to talk about a traumatic event or events

What happens after you contact the team

The CHOICES team may contact you for more information. Unless there is a reason not to, you will be offered an appointment and agree a time to meet with someone from CHOICES at a local venue in Haringey.

CHOICES will try and see you as soon as possible within a four-week period.

What happens during your appointment

You will meet with a CHOICES practitioner for one hour, to discuss how you are doing, and what support you need. At the end of the appointment a plan will be written up outlining your next steps, showing you where you can access further support.

In some cases CHOICES may ask you if you are happy to share any information with your school or GP.

What happens after your appointment

You are encouraged to make contact with the services or activities which can help you. After six weeks, you will receive a follow up phone call to see how you’ve been getting on. CHOICES will want to know how you felt about the service and what has changed for you since your appointment. Further support may be offered in certain situations.

Who is the service for

People under the age of 17

How can you access the service

A  young person or parent can access the service directly by completing the form online at or calling 020 8702 3405.