Beacon Centre

Established in 2013 The Beacon Centre is a 16 bed acute adolescent mental health ward. Acute means we care for young people who are experiencing a mental health crisis.


Contact information

The Beacon Centre
Edgware Community Hospital
Burnt Oak Broadway

Tel: 020 8702 4475


Twitter: @BeaconCAMHS

What we offer

The service offers inpatient assessment and treatment, tailored to the needs of the young person and their family/carers. We can help young people who are: 

  • Feeling low or more worried than normal
  • Experiencing high levels of anxiety
  • Thinking about deliberate self harm
  • Obsessive and have habits that can’t be stopped, such as obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Having lots of worrying thoughts about themselves or others
  • Suffering from psychosis
  • Struggling to cope with mental health problems and may have associated behavioural difficulties, such as worrying levels of conflict or fights

We provide a safe therapeutic environment offering a comprehensive range of treatments including psychological therapies and medication.  Wherever possible, the New Beginning service will work to maintain young people in the community through the following areas of expertise:

  • Providing advice to referrers on alternative options to admission, given the risk assessment and clinical indicators
  • Undertaking assessments in the community as an alternative to admitting for assessment
  • Providing a step-down service that facilitates transition from secure to non-secure facilities
  • Providing brief programmes of collaborative care and liaison with medium-term specialist services

Who is the service for

Young people aged 12 - 17 years old. 

How to access the service

If you have concerns about your child please contact your GP or take them to A&E if there is a serious risk of harm. Referrals can come several sources including, directly from GPs, CAMHS community teams and A&E departments.