Adolescent outreach team - Haringey

We provide treatment and support to children and young people aged 12-18 with mental health, behavioural and emotional well-being needs.

Contact details

H Block, 1st Floor
St Ann's Hospital
St Ann's Road
N15 3TH

Tel: 0208 702 4555

Manager: Simon Gosling


What we offer

We specialise in working with Haringey young people, aged 12-18, who are experiencing a range of mental health difficulties that are impacting significantly on their everyday life and functioning. The problems are likely to be longstanding and can make accessing other services challenging. As a result, it may be a struggle for some young people to manage school, previous interests may no longer be enjoyable and there may be increased isolation from family and friends. Some of the young people we work with may need an intensive community approach to support them during difficult times.  Some may need a hospital admission, however, we seek to reduce the duration and frequency of hospital admissions and offer support in the community on discharge.  

What we do

•    Provide an assessment of young people’s mental health to determine what their behavioral and emotional needs are.
•    We work intensively with young people depending on their individual needs.
•    We aim to offer an approach that enables the young person to engage with the service in an environment they feel at ease in. This could be at our clinic, within their homes, the nearby community or at their school.
•    We offer a range of specialist interventions, from therapeutic/counselling support to medication prescribing and monitoring. This is provided by a range of CAMHS professionals from different clinical backgrounds, which includes adolescent psychiatry, clinical psychology, nursing, social work, family therapy and adolescent mental health workers.   .
•    We also offer consultation, advice and support to parents/carers and to professionals from a wide range of children’s services.
•    If appropriate we signpost /refer young people onto other services.

Who this service is for

Children and young people aged 12-18 with mental health, behavioural and emotional well-being needs.

How you can access our service

Referrals are accepted from schools, social care services, youth offending, GPs and other health and social care professionals working with young people by completing the CAMHS referral form (below) and emailing it to CAMHS access at: