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Trust Self-Certification against Condition G6 of NHS Provider Licence
All NHS Trusts are required to formally self-certify themselves annually to confirm that they comply with certain conditions of the NHS Provider Licence. In particular, Trusts need to self-certify that they meet Condition G6 of the Licence. This Condition requires NHS Trusts to have processes and systems that identify risks to compliance and take reasonable mitigating actions to prevent those risks and a failure to comply from occurring. 

The BEH Trust Board considered this issue at its meeting on 24 May 2018 and formally self-certified that it meets Condition G6. A copy of the formal self-certification form submitted to NHS Improvement is available here

Annual report 2017-2018


Summary Trust Business Plan 2017-18


Annual Report 2016-17
Summary Operational Plan 2016-17
Quality Strategy 2016-19
Quality Account 2016-17


Annual Report 2015 - 16
Quality Account 2015/16

BEH Enablement Strategy 2015


Annual Accounts 2014/15
Annual Report 2014/15
Quality Account 2014/15
Quality Account Summary 2014/15
Carers Experience Strategy 2014-16 
Health and Safety Annual Report 2014-15
Infection Control Annual Report 2014-15
Patient Experience Annual Report 2014-15
Safeguarding Adults Annual Report 2014-15


Annual Report 2013/14
Annual Accounts 2013/14
Quality Account 2013-14
Safeguarding Children and Young People Annual Report 2013-14
Safeguarding Adults Annual Report 2013-14
Infection Control Annual Report 2013-14
Complaints Annual Report 2013-14
Health and Safety Annual Report 2013-14
Quality Strategy 2013-16


Clinical Strategy 2013-2018
Annual Report 2012/13
Annual Accounts 2012/13
Quality Account - 2012/13
Equality and Diversity report 2012
Standards for Involvement
Safeguarding Children Annual Report 2012/13
Safeguarding Adults at risk Annual Report 2012/13
Executive Summary Safeguarding Children Annual Report 2012/13
Infection Control Annual Report 2012/13
Annual Complaints Report 2012/13 
Health and Safety Annual Report 2012/13


Annual report - 2011/12
Annual Accounts 2011/12
Quality Account - 2011/12
The Commissioning for Quality and Innovation payment Framework goals for 2011/12
Safeguarding Adults Annual Report - 2011/12
Safeguarding Children Annual Report - 2011/12
Delivering same sex accommodation declaration


Annual report - 2010/11
Annual Accounts 2010/11
Quality Account - 2010/11
Equality and Diversity Performance report 2011

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