Your health records

The doctors, nurses, therapists and other health professionals who care for you keep records about your health and any treatment or care you receive.  These records help to make sure that you receive the best possible care from us.

Access to your health records  

Your health records are kept in folders eg notes, letters, forms and others are kept on secure electronic record system. Records may include the following information: 

  • Basic details about you such as your name, address, date of birth
  • Notes and reports about assessments, treatment and care provided
  • Results of tests, investigations, diagnostic test carried out 
  • Information from other professionals involved in your care or from relatives or other people who care for you. 

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives you or your representative, with your consent, the right to apply for see your health records. The health records of a deceased patient are governed by the Access to Health Records Act 1990.  

In some exceptional circumstances, your right to see some details in your own health records may be limited if an exemption under data protection law applies.  To help us provide you with the right information at the right time we ask you to make your access request in writing. This should be accompanied with proof of ID, such as a copy of your passport or driving license. 

Requests should be emailed to the records mailbox or alternatively posted to: 

Medical Records Department
Block P2, St Anns Hospital,
London, N15 3TH 

In most cases there is no charge for this service. Download a copy of the form 

To make it as easy as possible to apply to see your records or those of someone you care for the Trust has created a single contact point for requests.

Protecting your information and your rights to view your health records leaflet