National Stalking Clinic

The National Stalking Clinic (NSC) is a specialist service providing assessment and consultation for those who have engaged in stalking behaviour.

Contact details

Camlet 1, North London Forensic Service,
Chase Farm Hospital, The Ridgeway, Enfield, EN2 8JL
Tel: 020 8702 6104
Fax: 020 8342 0806

Dr Frank Farnham, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist
Sara Henley, Head of Therapies
Dr Mehdi Veisi, Clinical Director

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

Who we are

The National Stalking Clinic (NSC) is a specialist service providing assessment and consultation for those who have engaged in stalking behaviour. It is an internationally recognised service that is part of the North London Forensic Service. It is led and managed by Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust.

What we offer

Preparation of assessment reports

  • Reports will concern formal assessment of risks and provision of suggestions as to their management in cases involving individuals who have been engaging in behaviours involving stalking, harassment and threat.
  • The preparation of reports will normally involve detailed interview of the person concerned, as well as study of relevant background documents (e.g. psychiatric, court, probation, medical, and social services files).
  • Assessment will be available in custody, in the community and in mental health facilities.
  • For referrals from the criminal justice system, assessments can be offered on cases charged/convicted specifically for offences involving harassment or threat or for other offences in which these behaviours formed a significant component.
  • For referrals from outside the criminal justice system, the behaviour alone is sufficient grounds for a referral and the involvement of the criminal justice system is not a requirement.
  • Reports for the courts will normally be provided at the sentencing stage and deal with risk and disposal issues. However, reports concerning risk will also be available where required in bail applications.Risk assessment will incorporate use of the Stalking Risk Profile as a structured adjunct to the process.
  • Reports will be undertaken by a psychiatrist, a psychologist or a combination of both.

Guidance on managing evolving cases

  • Guidance can be offered to police, MAPPAs and other agencies on problematic cases which have yet to lead to conviction or re-conviction. 
  • This will involve advice as to risk or as to how to proceed in the handling of a case.
  • This service will be led by a consultant forensic psychiatrist specialising in the field, cleared to SC level.
  • It will in many cases be based upon studying paperwork and case management discussions, but examination of the individual in question will on occasion be undertaken.

Assessment of stalking victims

  • Assessment and consultation regarding stalking victims are offered in specialist circumstances, where possible endeavouring to engage with local service providers.

Who is the service for?

This is a national service providing assessment and consultation regarding stalking victims. It is offered in specialist circumstances, where possible endeavouring to engage with local service providers. Below is a list of the principal agencies to which the service if offered. Referrals from other sources may also be considered:

Magistrates’ Courts
  • Magistrates’ courts within London may to request assessment reports in stalking and harassment cases for those on bail or in custody.
  • Magistrates’ courts elsewhere may request reports on those on bail.
Crown Courts
  • A service is available to Crown Courts in serious cases nationwide, in custody or on bail.
  • Preparation of such reports will normally involve both a psychiatrist and a psychologist.
  • Reports will concern risk, treatment needs and disposal options.
  • Reports as to risk will be available for bail applications.
Probation Service
  • Risk assessment and management reports will be prepared for the probation service on request, at various stages in the criminal justice process
Parole board
  • Referrals will be accepted from the parole board for the preparation of reports in cases where those convicted of offences with a prominent stalking component are making parole applications.
Multi-agency Public Protection Panels (MAPPs)
  • Reports may be requested by MAPPs around the country on relevant cases coming up for release, or upon individuals being supervised in the community as level 2 or level 3 cases. Reports will include risk and its multi-agency management.
Mental Health Trusts
  • Referrals will be taken from other mental health services upon patients where there are concerns about harassment or stalking behaviours.
Police forces
  • Reports and attendance at planning meetings will be available on high-risk cases in which the police require guidance about the conduct of an investigation.
Crown Prosecution Service
  • Reports on cases will be provided upon request.
Social Services
  • Referrals for reports as to risk and its management will be undertaken upon request.

How you can access our service

Referrers are encouraged to ring and discuss potential referrals with members of the clinical team. This can be arranged by:

  • leaving a telephone message at 020 8702 6104
  • email to

After an initial conversation, referrers will be sent a referral pack, including a referral form and service agreement. For situations where an immediate response is required (such as some circumstances at court), an undertaking can be made to refer the case. Once the referral is made it can be dealt with promptly through the above process.

Key Contacts

Additional Information

Individual estimates can be provided upon request. The following is a general guide:-

  • Magistrates’ Courts - standard fees apply.
  • Crown Courts - fees will be agreed in advance through the usual mechanisms.
Guideline price for other agencies:
  • between £2,000 and £3,000 per report, depending on the complexity of the case.

please note the figures above are indicative only


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