Enablement: Helping people Live, Love and Do

The ambition is for BEH to be an organisation that promotes recovery, social inclusion, and community integration to maximise resilience. We call this Enablement.


The video below describes what Enablement means to individuals and how it can change their lives.


Click here to read the Trust's Enablement Programme Strategy

Enablement can be summarised with the phrase ‘live, love, do’ – we use these three words to remind us that, ultimately, the fundamental requirements for our human needs are to have:

  • A safe and secure home (‘live’)
  • Friends and relationships (‘love’) and
  • Work or a role in life that improves our wellbeing (‘do’).

Without these in place, recovery and hope are compromised. The overarching aim of the Enablement Programme is to enable people to identify and work towards their own wellbeing, community, social and employment goals. We want to encourage people who use our services to lead the best life they possibly can – a life beyond diagnosis.

How will we achieve it?

We are working with a range of stakeholders to bring about cultural and organisational changes across all three boroughs and in specialist services. Our Enablement approaches include training, individual team reviews and community initiatives. We aim to shift the organisational mind-set to engage in partnership with people to achieve their hopes and wishes in life, rather than an experience of being ‘done to’. In turn, this will challenge mental health stigma and promote life beyond diagnosis. It is important to recognise Enablement not as a clinical model or a service, but as a new way of thinking.

Contact us

Phone: 020 8702 6453

Email: beh-tr.enablement@nhs.net

Address: Enablement Programme office, first floor, Orchard House, St Ann’s Hospital, London, N15 3TH

Enablement Conference 2019

Every year we celebrate the great work our organisation has been doing regarding Enablement.  

Enablement is the way that we care for people in our organisation and help them on their road to recovery. Over the last year we have had a real focus on employing peer support workers at BEH.  Peer support workers (PSW) are people with a lived experience of a mental health condition who accompany our clinical staff when visiting patients. 

Having a PSW on the visit has been well-received by our service users. 

In this video you can find out more about our PSWs and find out, in their own words, what they feel they bring to the role.