Committee Terms of Reference

The Trust Board has established a number of Committees in order to carry out functions on its behalf.  A list of these Committees is set out below.  A copy of the terms of reference for each committee can be found by clicking on the title of the Committee.

Audit Committee
Established to provide an objective review of the Trust's financial systems, financial information and compliance with laws, guidance and regulations governing the NHS.

Finance and Investment Committee
Established to consider issues falling within the terms of reference in respect of financial, treasury and resources issues, determining actions where specified and to make recommendations to the Board.

Mental Health Law Committee
Established to provide assurance to the Board on all matters relating to the functions of Hospital Managers (Mental Health Act (MHA) Associate Members) and all aspects of the Mental Health Act 1983 and subsequent amendments.

Quality and Safety Committee
Established to take a high level review of all aspects of corporate and clinical governance, ensuring that clear, appropriately integrated and effective governance arrangements are in place throughout the Trust.

Remuneration Committee
Established to advise the Board about appropriate remuneration and terms of service for the Chief Executive and Directors.

Trust and Charitable Funds Committee
Established to administer any funds held in trust in accordance with any statutory or other legal requirements and best practice.