Borough structure

We work through a Borough-based service line and specialist services structure. Each Borough has its own Clinical Director, supported by a local management team.

This structure has helped us build stronger relationships locally, as well as with national charities such as Rethink and third sector and other health organisations.

Barnet Mental Health Services

Managing Director: Melinda Rees
Clinical Director: Gareth Jarvis
Head of Nursing: Jabu Chikore

Enfield Mental Health Services

Managing Director: Jackie Liveras
Clinical Director: Scott Mackenzie (interim)
Head of Nursing: Evri Anagnostara

Enfield Community Services

Managing Director: Thandie Matambanadzo
Clinical Director: Helen Smart (interim)
Head of Nursing: Helen Mehra

Haringey Mental Health Services

Managing Director: Gary Passaway
Clinical Director: Priya Bajaj (acting)  
Head of Nursing: Elaine Greer 

Specialist Services

Managing Director: Stephen Cook
Clinical Director: Shamir Patel
Head of Nursing: Colman Pyne